How to Motivate My Online Training Clients

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“I want my online training clients to stay motivated when exercising, but I don’t know what to do anymore to achieve it.”

These words from one of our personal trainers got us thinking about how useful it could be to create an article that would serve personal trainers, nutritionists, or fitness professionals as a source of inspiration to motivate their online training clients. And here it is! A brief article with 7 ideal tips to motivate your online training clients. Let’s get started:

#1 Help Your Client Set Achievable Goals

Sit down with your client to set realistic and achievable goals with timelines. Training goals should be progressively achieved. Initially, the focus should be on building the foundational aspects of training before moving towards specific sports-related objectives. – ISAF. (2018). Key goals of sports training. 2021. In simple terms, their goal should be associated with a central objective that can be broken down into several specific goals, which can then be achieved in short timeframes. This will prevent your client from becoming demotivated by thinking that they still have a long way to go to reach their overall goal.

#2 Reward Their Effort

Following on from the previous point, you can reward your clients for achieving their goals. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something physical. There are many ways to celebrate your clients’ achievements.

#3 Innovate and Embrace Creativity

Make sure to offer constant novelty. Your clients, while training, not only seek to be active and exercise but also want to have fun, enjoy themselves, and, above all, de-stress. You’ll need to refresh your training offers and routines periodically, and we recommend doing so depending on the type of client you’re dealing with. Each person has their limits and excuses, so you should change the course of the sessions whenever you see the need to do so to prevent your client from losing enthusiasm or abandoning their process. Another thing that works well is creating themed training sessions. Test your creativity and imagination and offer your clients a different and fun atmosphere every day, week, or month. BONUS → Get inspired by TV shows, movies, or current events that are on their minds. They’ll love this!

#4 Create Sports Challenges

Sports challenges are currently very effective, and we’ll give you two logical reasons why that’s the case: Additionally, following a set of steps or a structure when exercising generates a sense of commitment and a desire to finish what we started. So it’s almost impossible for a sports challenge not to work to motivate your online training clients.

#5 Create Playlists with Your Clients’ Favorite Songs

Your clients probably have a repertoire of their favorite songs. Find out what they are and use them to create online training playlists, and even for in-person sessions. Good music is always a reason to stay active and cheerful during a training session. Plus, if you make this a routine, something common, you’ll pique their curiosity and desire to know what kind of music they’ll have in their next session. What are you waiting for to start creating one?

#6 Use Your Social Media as a Motivational Medium

The ultimate way to keep your clients up to date with your content and generate conversation is Instagram. Make the most of all the tools and features this platform offers and provide your clients with valuable content. You can do many things! You can use this point to start working on and promoting your personal brand. We have an awesome webinar with Leti Pelegrín where you’ll learn all the keys to having a well-defined personal brand, which channels and tools to use to start working on it, how to redirect your communication towards a new audience, and much more! You can also find on PTPioneer more tips that help motivate your clients both inside and outside the gym to provide a unique experience as a Wellness professional.

#7 Suggest They Invite a Friend to Train

Training becomes more enjoyable when done with company. Encourage them to invite a friend to train, and if you can get that person to join regularly, offer them a discount to join your online training team and create workouts that they can do together. If you do this, you’ll benefit both parties:
  • Your online training business because you’ve attracted a new client.
  • And your client because you’ve given them an extra reason to attend or do your training sessions.

And now it’s your turn!

Create an action plan today with these tips to keep your clients motivated. There’s nothing more important than keeping those who have already trusted in you and your services as a fitness professional happy.

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