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Why is it so important to differentiate your fitness business on World Health Day? What can you do with your clients on World Health Day?

Every year, on April 7th, World Health Day is celebrated, a date that commemorates the foundation and work carried out by the World Health Organization and, at the same time, is a perfect moment for you to differentiate your fitness business.

This celebration aims to raise awareness about deadly diseases and promote healthy habits among people. Each year, it focuses on a specific theme based on the current needs or suggestions, especially considering the areas of health that need the most support and visibility.

This year, the theme is “Our planet, our health.” Therefore, at Harbiz, we have created this article to not only join the cause but also provide you, as a personal trainer, nutritionist, physiotherapist, yoga or Pilates instructor, or fitness professional in general, with useful ideas to differentiate your fitness business and keep your clients highly motivated.

Let’s get started!

El día mundial de la salud diferencia tu negocio fitness con DudyFit

#1 Differentiate your fitness business by promoting good habits on your social media

You have probably heard this advice before, but today we want to give it a different approach than what you already know.

We suggest that during the entire Health and Sports Week, you engage your followers with an attractive dynamic.

The dynamic can consist of a fitness challenge throughout the week, where the objective is to surpass the previous day’s results (performance) and reinforce or improve their consistency, discipline, and good habits.

You can organize this dynamic outdoors to vary the training or physical conditioning space.

To encourage participation, you can ask them to upload a video of themselves completing the daily challenge to their stories and nominate a friend or family member to do it as well.

Then, ask them to tag you so that you can repost their videos, and in turn, encourage the rest of your Instagram community to participate.

Benefit for you as a fitness professional

Besides the physical and emotional impact this will have on your clients, this action will increase the visibility and reach of your social media.

By getting many of your followers to participate and nominate others to join, you will reach new profiles who may become potential clients. This translates to customer acquisition and increased revenue for your fitness business.

#2 Innovate in the way you deliver and offer your services

As we always say, those who innovates, win.

For this special occasion, we recommend implementing some of these ideas to vary your services:

  • Group activity packages with family or friends outdoors.
  • Gift session vouchers + nutritional plan for your most loyal clients.
  • Outdoor 10K or 25K race with prizes (sports equipment or supplements pack).
  • GPS route map for running or cycling.
  • Sports tournament. Find out their favorite sport and invite them to participate in your tournament (add rewards).

There are many more ideas you can explore to vary how you offer or deliver your services. However, we invite you to brainstorm and come up with possible actions or activities you can do with your clients.

The idea is to think about which ideas best align with your type of business and, once you have them, choose the ones that best fit their needs, preferences, and what you can offer.

Once you’ve gone through this process, it’s time to bring them to life!

Schedule them in your clients’ agendas and enjoy the proposed activity with them.

#3 Offer your clients a coaching session or motivational talk

One of the goals of World Health Day is to seek a balance between the emotional and mental well-being, promoting the importance of emotional stability in society.

For this purpose, we suggest that you talk to your clients as if they were your friends or a loved one that you highly appreciate.

Keep in mind that for a person to flow, work, and achieve their goals, they need to feel good and be well both with their environment and themselves.

As a fitness professional, it is essential that your client is emotionally well, as this will facilitate the achievement of their goals.

So, for the Health and Sports Week, schedule these types of sessions with each of your clients for them to tell you how they are, how they feel, what problems or situations worry them, what their daily burdens are, etc.

Benefits of knowing their emotional state

This information will allow you to offer a much more personalized and close service, which in the near future will translate into great benefits for you, such as client loyalty (trust in you and your work).

Another benefit of knowing how your client feels is the ease with which you can later assess and communicate their performance and results so far (feedback).

By knowing how they are, what their daily life is like, etc., you can set more realistic and achievable goals together with them and better understand the reasons behind certain results.

#4 Start differentiating your fitness business with a professional and intuitive app

The experience of your clients becomes more enjoyable when you allow them to train with total freedom (at any time and place), and it becomes more appealing when they know that you work with professional software to manage both your business and the services you offer.

Now, imagine if you add the option of payment through a subscription plan… the experience would be unique, right?

Well, this is what we propose for this month from Harbiz: start working with a comprehensive app that allows you to manage your entire business from one place.

Take a look at some of the features we have to differentiate your fitness business and captivate your clients:


As your clients progress through the corresponding program, they can complete and rate each exercise. This generates a sense of pride and/or satisfaction for successfully finishing the session.


Having a platform that allows you to track your clients’ performance and progress in order to provide feedback helps you reward their efforts and motivate them to continue training until they reach their goals. This also benefits you and your business in terms of client retention.

Video format for offering your services.

You can create your challenges or sports challenges through the video sessions provided by Harbiz.

Building on the previous point, this motivates them to keep training until they achieve their objectives and even to not give up training once they have reached their desired results.


Harbiz allows you to create a group (community) with your clients and your team (if you have one).

With the community, you can generate healthy competition among members, as the platform offers an automated ranking of the results for those group members who have successfully completed the proposed workouts.

This motivates them to continue making an effort to reach their goal or even surpass the scores of others.

Fitness programs.

You can create comprehensive programs based on difficulty levels that are interconnected so that your clients maintain physical activity as a routine, improve their performance, and don’t lose the results they have achieved so far.


Every effort has its reward, and Harbiz can help you reward your clients through the option of offering training session bonuses.

For example, once your client has completed a sports challenge, you can give them as a gift or sell them at a lower price a pack of 10 sessions for them to continue working towards their goals. This not only rewards their efforts but also their loyalty.

If you liked all these features, we encourage you to try the rest for 30 days for free!

It’s the perfect opportunity to start innovating and offer your clients a different and professional experience, and what better time to do it than during the Health and Sports Week.

Go for it!

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