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Unlimited access for 30 days.
No credit card required and you can cancel at any time.


Save time creating and planning your tasks and those of your work team.

Create your own schedule

Create personal events or with more attendees. Manage and view your daily, weekly, or monthly planning.

Organize your team calendar

Consult and distribute the agenda of each team member when necessary; you can do it one by one or all at once!

Create recurring events

Weekly sessions? Monthly meetings? Daily eating plan? Create an event and set recurrences for each of them.

Receive all kinds of notifications

Nothing will get pass you anymore! The platform sends reminders for each upcoming event.

Filter the events you can see

The calendar has advanced filters and view modes to organize yourself on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Include reminders

In your agenda, your collaborators’ or your clients’. Events registration, subscription renewal, etc.

Set appointment times

Set your availability so your clients can book the slot that suits them best.


Simplify your life and your customers’. Automate your processes and control them easily.

Automatic invoices

View transactions and automatically generate invoices. Take control of your business!

Subscription plans

If you don’t want to chase customers about payments, create subscription plans and automate them to make sure you’re paid on time.

Sell ​​one-time payment products

Create and offer specific services, such as bonuses, coupons, specific counseling sessions and more.

Payment gateway powered by Stripe

Allow your customers to hire your services or buy products and automatically receive payment.

Automatic renewal

When a client has to renew, the system does it automatically. No need to chase clients for payments.

Receipts generation

Control your external payments by generating receipts manually. You can view, export or send them to each client whenever you want.


Contact your clients through the platform and channel communication with them in a professional manner.

Chat in the App

You no longer have to give your personal number or receive messages after hours. Communicate with your clients and team through the app’s chat.

Push notifications

Notify your clients of the most important tasks and communications so they’re aware of everything. Develop the connection they need.

Community and groups

Share content, challenges, activities, and rankings with your clients’ results through the app’s community.

Voice notes

Record and send voice notes to your clients or team members from the app’s chat.

Send and receive images

Select images from your device or computer and share them with your clients or team through chat.

Mass messages

The app’s chat also has a broadcast message feature, allowing you to send messages to all your customers at once.


Strengthen your personal brand, professionalize your services and stand out from the competition.

Your own Web page

Create and personalize your website with your brand, discourse and products to attract customers and make it easier for them to get to know what you do and offer.

Specialized training

Explore Harbiz Academy and learn sales strategies, customer retention, digitalization and much more.

Offer test products

You can create trial products or apply initial discounts of up to 3 months to win over those hesitant customers.

Motivate your customers

Functionalities that allow you to improve their motivation and generate more adherence and retention in a simple way.

Loyal clients

Apply discounts to your products or services to reward your most loyal customers or tempt the undecided.

FB pixel integration and Google Ads

Monitor visits, purchases and registrations and show ads to your personalized website visitors.

Integration with Active Campaign

Use the ActiveCampaign integration to carry out email strategy to those clients already registered in Harbiz.


Offer on-demand and live classes that adapt to your schedule and that of your customers.

Live classes

No limits on space or location with live classes via the app. Your clients can join the fun from anywhere.

1-2-1 sessions

Organize online coaching or PT sessions so your clients feel as if you’re right there – wherever they are.

Share recorded classes

Create a library of videos so your clients can watch whenever they want. Or schedule a video class as part of their program.

Book and organize

Schedule classes and sessions in your calendar, the app will take care of registration and bookings.

Analyze attendance

See who’s booked on, who turned up, who cancelled, manage waitlists, and even do a roll call when class starts.

Multi-platform functionality

How do you like to host classes? Use Zoom, Google Meet, YouTube or whatever you prefer – it’s all doable via the app.


Save time and effort by automating your daily processes.

Customer invites

Generate your personal link to invite customers to the app. It’s easy (and free!) for them to register.

Automatic emails

Want your clients to get friendly emails about news, activities or resources that will interest them? Set it up once, we take care of it.

Compliance and progress

Track customer progress by viewing their session compliance, effort records, and other key metrics.

Automatic payments

Never chase a payment again. Set up subscription plans, and we’ll charge your clients automatically.

Voucher redemption

When a client uses a voucher, the app will instantly deduct it from their balance. No need for you (or them) to check.

Schedule messages

Record voice messages and schedule them to go out at key times or dates. Ideal for weekends or clients in different time zones.

Program design

Create templates for weekly or monthly training plans, and schedule one or more customers at the same time.


Offer a unique and professional experience through customized services.

Customer file

Easy access to all the information you need about individual clients: personal data, progress, schedule, notes and more.

Progress metrics

Customize the data you want to display for each client and view their progress in handy graph format.

Progress photos

Your clients can upload progress photos to the app so you can both view exactly how things are going.

Create communities

Have you got several clients on the same journey? Create friendly groups to share relevant content, ideas, and Q&As.

Segmentation tools

By adding keywords to your client lists, you can automate tasks like assigning programs, forms, and messages.

Group actions

Save time by automating messages, reminders and activities to several clients at the same time (or invite people with a link).


Get the most out of your classes, appointments and sessions. Manage your free slots in time and get more sales opportunities.

Create sessions

Schedule online or in-person training sessions, set a limit for spaces, and configure visibility for one customer or several at the same time.

Manage bookings

Your customers can easily view their list of programmed sessions, and book or cancel their slot in advance.

Voucher redemption

Use the app to configure how clients use vouchers for sessions. If the session is appliable, the voucher amount will be redeemed automatically when they book.

Cancellation policy

You’re in control. Define time limits for booking, cancelling, or switching sessions.

Organize your events

Create an event, invite customers, send them a link, and scheduling-in confirmed attendees: All in the app.

Online sessions

Schedule your clients for coaching or support sessions around goals, habits, troubleshooting or whatever they need to stay on track.

Group classes

Level up your classes experience. Create specific sessions and customize the settings to individual or group, online or in-person, and who can see.

Waiting list

Clients on the waitlist for fully-booked sessions will get a notification if a space becomes free, and they can book via the app.

Attendance control

Not everyone who books a session actually attends. Keep track by doing a roll call at the start of each session.


Give your team access to the platform to help you with your workload and customer management.


Invite your team to work with you within the app at no extra cost. Ideal if you manage a gym or work with other professionals.

Performance reports

The app generates reports on the performance of your team and their work with customers so you can keep track.

Role settings

It’s all in your hands – establish who sees what, and what level of access they have in the app settings.


Optimize the management tasks of your business and share relevant information with your team and customers.

Key documents

Create a folder for important documents and share it with your team and selected customers.

Integrated PAR-Q

Enable your customers to complete their PAR-Q during registration and view the results in their profile.

Customisable forms

Need something different? Create your own forms within the app and send them to customers on a one-off or regular basis.


Forge your place as your customers’ favourite brand. Add your own personal touch to the platform and offer first class services!

Bespoke app

Reinforce your branding and build familiarity by customising the app with your brand colors and logo.

Available on Apple and Google stores

The customized app plan will put your app on the Apple and Google app stores so you’ll stand out against competitors.

Brand icon

As part of the customisation process, you’ll be able to choose an icon for your brand app to drive home your brand presence.

Customized Push notifications

Your personal brand icon will be on all push notifications to your customers, enhancing the connection and engagement with your brand.


Use all the platform’s tools to design unique experiences.


Display your clients’ daily data including fulfillment, effort, and past records. As well as a list of customers without assigned tasks.

Content library

Access a huge free content library with over 2500 exercise videos, classified by muscle groups. Upload your own and combine them.

Workout design

Create customized programs with video support. Include stretches, supersets, blocks, instructions and more.

Load calculator

Easily calculate the maximum weight that your customers can lift for any combination of sets and reps.

Stopwatch, timer and intervals

Give your customers the option of timing their workouts in three different ways: stopwatch, timer and intervals.


Create programs that can be reused for several weeks or months, combining sessions, workouts, metrics and more.

Workout modes

Design workouts in normal mode (recording repetitions, sets and supersets) or simple mode (board and exercises).

Receive workout feedback

After performing a task, your clients can leave you comments and attach images to evaluate their efforts.

Cardio activities

Schedule specific cardio activities, marking distance, speed or goal and analyse the results afterwards.


Continue promoting well-being. Offer your customers the ideal eating plan for their progress.

* You will facilitate the process by boosting its results.

Create plans

Create nutrition plans with the help of our food library, which automatically calculates calories and macros.

Food library

Our food library helps you create varied and specific plans, with over 18,000 foods including calorie and macro count.

Meal options

Let your client choose between the different options available, keeping track of every last detail.

Shopping list

Every plan you create generates an automatic shopping list which your customers can export to make life easier.

Options and instructions

Offer your clients several different meal options to choose from, and give them specific instructions to clarify the details.

Grouped plans

For long-term clients, you can group together several nutrition plans to help create a different approach.

Schedule plans

Create your plans and assign them for days, weeks or specific periods so your customers can plan ahead.

Unlimited access for 30 days.
No credit card required and you can cancel at any time.

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