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Adrián “Método” Mirón1 December
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Leave excels aside.It is a tool that facilitates customer management at all levels, sports, communication, management…
Juan Carlos1 December
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With Harbiz I have the possibility to keep controlto have a more direct contact with the user, to assign training and diets wherever I am…
Mario Sabou Popescu26 August
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Very useful and practicalVery useful and practical to work with all my mentees. Good base of initial videos to start billing and easy to...
Pedro Cordero26 August
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I couldn't have chosen a better partner...I couldn't have chosen a better partner for my online business, I can manage three times...
Cristina Mendez26 August
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After two years of searching...Dudyfit has finally come into my life. Thanks to this platform and above all to the people...
Punt Fitness BCN26 August
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Very happy to be part of Dudyfit...from its beginnings and to be able to see how much it has improved until today...
Ricky Castro26 August
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The best APP without doubt for professionals...The best APP without doubt for professionals in the sector 100% 🙂
Víctor26 August
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Intuitive appIntuitive app, very complete, it has everything to ensure that my clients can train effectively.
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The truth is that it is a very good tool... The truth is that it is a very good tool that speeds up my work when it comes to...
Pablo25 August
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The most complete tool for trainers!The most complete tool I have tried, both for online training and for the management of...
Pablo Iturra Saldias25 August
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I have been using the dudyfit app for over a year now...I have been using the dudyfit app for over a year now and honestly it is what every...
Juan Camilo Rojas giraldo25 August
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THE BEST APP!The best application for trainers.
Camilo24 August
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I optimise my time 🙂Tremendous App to make remote planning, it has a fairly extensive library of videos and what I can’t find, I can upload myself.
XAVIER24 August
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Great solutionA great solution for personal training professionals, it integrates scheduling, assessment, nutrition, and...
Diego Merlos Pérez12 June
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For physical and health reasonsFor physical and health reasons, this is probably the best option
Miriam Muiña4 April
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I am a nutritionistMy experience with Dudyfit has been very good. Carlos has always attended me...
Germán Conde1 March
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I am very happy with the APPI am very happy with the APP, it makes my work much easier and the connection with my...
Jael Perdomo1 March
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DudyFit with everythingI really like DudyFit, it really is an application that puts most of the tools that a trainer can...
Hans Villalobos28 February
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good appa very good platform to be able to carry out the control of my clients, with this platform...
David Recio Sánchez28 February
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Very good platformVery good platform, free choice of exercises and if any are missing you have the...
Ali Malosetti Morales28 February
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very good tool to grow as a health professional!I think it was a great idea to digitise my personal training...
Gerardo Contreras28 February
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Simply excellent serviceSimply excellent service and a special thanks to all the DUDYFIT team as they keep...
GARAZI12 January
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Wonderful app that makes our work easier
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A very versatile and intuitive systemA very versatile and intuitive system that helps us improve the quality...
SALVADOR10 January
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A great tool to createA great tool for creating, organising and planning workouts, plus a variety of...
JUAN4 January
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I like to find useful improvements...I like to find useful improvements from time to time, both in the mobile app...
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Unlimited access for 30 days.
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