Why choose training software instead of Excel/Word and emails?

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Laura Ruiz, Personal Trainer and Harbiz user, has collaborated with us to write this post.

You’re probably wondering why you should use software if you’re capable of doing everything with Word and Excel files, and what other things you would be able to do that you’re not already doing with Excel files.

There are cases where people have managed to perform genuine feats of engineering using these two tools, in terms of coaching and clients. And it’s true, obviously you can set up your own coaching system this way, but you probably haven’t stopped to think about the disadvantages that this involves.

This is where our most valuable asset comes into play, time. We have to be aware that every minute wasted is one that we will never get back again, so let’s optimise it!

Great, isn’t it? so much energy! but how? 🤔 if you’re starting up your system of personal training sessions, schedules, sports coaching or any other type of consultation, you will spend time on:

  • Learning to use these tools, at a level almost always above basic level.
  • Understand and handle formulas and charts.
  • Make it look good to take care of your brand.
  • Link some documents with others.
  • Get used to a work dynamic involving all of this.

How long do you think that it would take you to do all this, until the point when you have everything under control? In Laura’s case, it was several months!

Now, put yourself in your clients’ shoes, do you think that your clients receive the value that they deserve when you give them your work with these tools?

The reality is that these clients are your most valuable assets, and studies confirm that they base their decisions on trust. What decisions am I talking about? You are most likely thinking about what you could be doing to generate new clients and to keep those you already have as loyal to you as possible. And the fact is that clients have more trust in you if they know that you are working with professional training software. They are even prepared to pay more for your services just because of the fact they they have your App available.

I want to point out some of the advantages involved in using management software for personal trainers such as Harbiz both for you as a trainer, and for your clients, take note and see for yourself!

What advantages do you have as a professional?

  1. Promote the personal brand of your business and offer your clients an App fully customised by you to make them feel unique. The competition is very fierce and you have to stand out from everyone else!
  2. Upload your own exercises, with your videos and images in an organised way. Also make use of the library of exercises and food that comes with Harbiz, so that you can prepare workouts and meal plans with everything that you need.
  3. Save time and optimise the process of preparing and customising workouts and meal plans, with everything built into software. At the beginning I told you that to set up a system with Word and Excel you were going to need to invest a lot of time. However, you then have to adapt and customise it for each client, which means that you need… more time!
  4. Do you like it when a client sends you message at 8 p.m. on a Saturday evening on WhatsApp? If they do it, it’s because you’ve given them your number. Communicate with them via professional software, and communicate efficiently via chat and video call.
  5. Your clients in subscription mode, wow! you can forget about chasing up your clients to renew or make that payment that usually never arrives, this entire process is automatic with the Harbiz software.


But obviously, this software not only offers advantages for the professional, but also for your clients.

What advantages do your clients have?

  1. The biggest advantage is the commitment generated between the client and the personal trainer. By having a mobile App customised by the personal trainer, the interaction and recording of results by the client means that they can see in detail the progress they’re making in real time.
  2. Thanks to the push notifications and continuous monitoring of clients, their motivation increases exponentially.
  3. The fact that the App is very easy to use is a very strong point in its favour, because the client can very easily access the customised workouts, where they can even see your exercise videos.

As I said, all programs and tools have their advantages and disadvantages, we simply have to weigh up the options in order to optimise and make the service increasingly convenient both for you and for your clients. 🏋🏼