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How to create live video workouts with Harbiz

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Learn how to schedule live video workouts for your clients with Harbiz

One of the consequences of the quarantine was that your clients, having to stay at home for a long period, had to find the most effective way to continue training.

Most trainers turned to social media to continue offering trainings, and features like Instagram’s “live” ended up being heavily used.

That’s why we decided to incorporate this functionality into the Harbiz platform, with the aim of making it easier for you to manage your clients and make the platform even more comprehensive.

That’s right, you can schedule live trainings for your clients with Harbiz!

How do live workouts on the Harbiz platform?

This feature allows you to give a more professional touch to the services you offer your clients through a platform that covers all your needs as a fitness professional.

It also allows you to create both in-person and online training sessions. Let’s see how to do it.

First, go to the day you want to schedule the session and fill in the fields displayed on the screen.

How can I schedule my workout sessions on the Harbiz platform?

It’s important to distinguish between in-person trainings and live online trainings as they are two different types of training with your clients.

Let’s create a new session from scratch and include the participants (clients) you want to attend the session:

As you can see, you have the ability to choose the type of training you want to schedule, the date, time, and duration of the session.

You can even allow your clients to redeem a session from their package automatically when they book the session.

There are also other details to consider when scheduling the session:

  • Scheduling an in-person training session: This is a way to book and inform the client about their upcoming in-person trainings.
  • In the case of a live online training, it allows you to send the direct access to the session through services like Zoom, Hangouts, or Skype, so that you and your invited clients can connect directly to it.

In this case, it’s important to fill in the link field, where you will paste the video conference link generated by the service you are using, such as Zoom. Here are the steps to follow:

My Meetings > Schedule a Meeting > Fill in meeting details > Save > Copy the Zoom meeting details as shown here:

Once you have filled in all the fields, you can save the training schedule, and the notification process to the invited clients will begin, which we will explain next.

It’s important to know that the scheduled session can be edited or deleted at any time.

How is the session reservation notified and how do clients access it?

It is just as important to be able to schedule the sessions as it is for clients to be aware of them.

Therefore, we have developed a notification system that informs clients about all the training sessions they have enrolled in.

With this notification, clients are given access to all the scheduled sessions with their respective links to join the live session in the case of an online session.

Take advantage of the benefits of this functionality to boost your fitness coaching business.

After everything that has happened following the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been proven that anyone can train anywhere, through a screen, which has quickly eliminated the barrier that existed at the beginning of the lockdown.

Now that you know you can schedule your live training sessions with Harbiz, don’t wait any longer and gain an advantage over the competition by using a professional platform that allows you to do so.