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Learn how to edit photos and videos for your fitness business

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How do I edit photos and videos with my cell phone?. What are the best free editing apps?”

Well, these questions have been the most repeated this last month among fitness and health professionals currently using Harbiz. Today, we decided to create this article so you too can have a 10🥇 content, that is, by learning how to edit photos and videos of your fitness business.

Basically, we’ll help you improve your content with free apps for both Android and iOS. Also, we’ll give you a series of #HarbizHacks that’ll help you select the type of content you post on social media, as well as the one you use to create your services, i.e. workouts, fitness programs, nutritional plans, and more!

Let’s get to it!

Cómo editar fotos y vídeos gratis con el móvil. DudyFit. Negocios fitness.

There’s no doubt that creating quality visual content is essential both to professionalize your fitness services and any marketing strategy, especially for your social media tactics.

In fact, Instagram’s one of the platforms with the most active users, so it would be ideal for you to start sharing truly engaging content that’ll allow you to consolidate a valuable community and in turn, reach new clients.

#1 Snapseed

This app’s ideal for improving the basic details of your images. It has all the classic adjustment tools, such as “adjust”, “crop” and “straighten”. In addition to the basic ones such as: brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance, luminosity, shadows, etc.

One of its most TOP functions is the enhancement function, which allows you to improve specific parts of a photo without pixelating it (which is a great point in favor in relation to others).

Another attractive option is the selective adjustment that lets you select an area of the photo and adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of that particular area. So, if you want viewers to focus on a specific part of your photo (for example, the materials they need to perform the workout), you can edit that area with more striking colors.

Want to learn how to use Snapseed today? Google, the maker of the app, created a dedicated support page with tips and instructions.

Download it here on Android or iOS.

snapseed. app para editar imágenes para entrenadores personales

#2 Inshot

This is a handy app that allows you to trim, speed up or add music and filters to your video. It’s pretty basic and very easy to use.

Not only does it work as a video editor, but it also has enough functions to customize images and sounds in a short time.

As for its design and customization possibilities, it has frames of different colors and patterns, stickers, filters, effects, stickers, blurred backgrounds, and even the possibility of adding text (with multiple font choices).

It also allows you to rotate the images that you’ll use in the videos: 90 degrees, place them horizontally or vertically. And finally, it allows you to share the final result directly in some social platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, which is great for you to upload it as a draft and publish it directly when it’s time (no wasting time downloading and reuploading!).

Download it here on Android or iOS.

inshot. app de edición para instagram #3 Foodie

If you are a nutritionist or in your business, you also create and sell complete nutritional plans, you’ll love this App. Foodie uses over 30 filters and other editing features that turn an ordinary dish into a visual delight.

If you use the Harbiz App you’ve surely seen that, in the food section, you can upload your own recipes and assign food options. Well, to further professionalize your services we recommend you use this app (or similar) to enhance your food images or recipe videos and then, upload them to your Harbiz App!

Download it here on Android or iOS.

foodie. app para fotos de comida # 4 PicPlayPost

Did you know that you can collage videos? Yes, PicPlayPost is a basic and intuitive app that allows you to collage videos of your routines, consulting you offer, and more. You’ll just have to remember when you start editing that the sounds from both videos will play at the same time, so make sure they don’t overlap.

You can do cool things, like making a collage of your workout videos on one side, while explaining the content on the other.

Download it here on Android or iOS.

Picplaypost, app para hacer diseños para redes sociales #5 VivaVideo

This photo and video editor will help you create the funniest and most out-of-the-ordinary clips. In addition, it has a super cool feature to create memes, which will help you a lot when you want to convey a more agreeable and friendly tone in your fitness business’s social media accounts.

You can even merge both images and videos, as well as use background music.

Its free version only has one problem… watermarks, but for all that this app allows you to do, this is not a big problem. If you notice that it has become an ally of your work, you can pay the monthly or annual plan to give a more professional touch to your content.

Download it here on Android or iOS.

Vivavideo. App de edición de video #6 Canva

Canva is an app that, in a very simple way, allows you to make all kinds of designs: logos, thumbnails for YouTube, book covers, posters, invitations for sporting events or face-to-face training sessions, Instagram stories…

Many of us use this tool from our computer for everything we have mentioned above, however, Canva now has the option to edit videos, both from the desktop version and for mobile (Android and iPhone).

So it’s also an ideal free video editor for smartphones, which leaves no watermark and allows you to add music from its large available list 🤩.

What else can I do with Canva?

  1. It has a bank of great free images and videos, which you can use for your projects.
  2. It has a few free templates, though you can also create your project from scratch
  3. It allows you to cut and join different video clips
  4. Duplicate a clip on the timeline
  5. Rotate the video horizontally and vertically
  6. Lower or undo the volume of the video clip
  7. Place a video clip on top of another video clip and make either clip more transparent
  8. Add subtitles and stickers

Download it here on Android or iOS.

canva. app para diseñar Finally, some #HarbizHacks that’ll help you professionalize your social media content.

Before you start creating and recording content without a guide or reason, think about your fitness business goals. Then, sit down and create a plan with everything you’d like to bring to your social media and business community this year.

Once you have these first steps in place, you’re ready to go:

  • Create visual content with a goal (for example: to get them to sign up for your health and wellness webinar) and a truly engaging format (for example a video).
  • Select your TOP content and divide it between the social media platforms that you and your customers use the most and the apps that help you improve the management of your business.
  • Start publishing that super content and track it on a monthly basis (that’ll help you see which topics and formats have connected better with your followers).
  • And now look at the results and repeat this as many times as necessary!