Common mistakes made by nutritionists

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If you’re a nutritionist, you surely strive to provide useful advice to your patients. But like any other profession, nutritionists can make mistakes too. In this post, we’ll discuss the most common errors that nutritionists can make and that you should avoid if you want to solidify your patient base and grow your business. Relying […]

How do I set the prices for my online training services?

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What Is Your Time Worth? To calculate the value of your time, the first step is to write down two numbers: The Amount of Time You Spend to Earn Money: The amount of time you spend to earn money is not just the hours when you are training clients. It’s the amount of time per […]

Take Your In-Person Fitness Business Online with Harbiz

How can I expand my fitness business? What should I consider in order to manage both channels? We chatted with @arianfitnesscoach, an online personal trainer with an impressive background and story worth listening to and learning from. In this event, she shared the best advice (based on her experience) to rapidly take your in-person training business […]